I Want to Meet My Old Students - Prof. David Jowitt

When Ubulu-Uku born Aduba Casimir Chidimma a Theology student at St Augustinian's Major Seminary Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, met British born professor of English Prof. David Jowitt, little did he know that he has found his kinsman.

After 54yrs of teaching In Nigeria the Brit showered encomiums On Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Ukwu, Delta State where he started his teaching career over 54yrs ago.
Since he migrated to Nigeria in 1963, and started his first teaching job in Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Uku, the  professor of English has been fascinated with the people and their culture.

Here's what Mr Aduba wrote about him.

"I love Prof. Jowitt, he became interested in me after learning that I'm from Ubulu-Uku. He said the community holds a special place in his heart. He has a super memory the people and their way of life. You just need to tell him your name once and the next time he sees you be sure of getting the full gist about your name."

He is currently a professor in English language at University of Jos.
I think he's one out of many white men I've seen who is not ethnocentric. He loves Nigeria and her various cultures and would spend  his last dime to get more information about particular cultures (even things that seem not to matter).

He also loves reading. I often meet him in the library.  I once asked him why he still loves making researches despite his age. He responded with a story...

"Some years ago, I was working in one state in southwestern Nigeria. Two men were playing draught while two others watched.  I sat behind them making some research in my dictionary. I noticed they were staring at me but I continued. Suddenly one of them walked up to me and said 'I thought you white men are the owners of English language, why do you still consult the dictionary' I quickly asked him the meaning of a word in Youruba.  He was unable to provide the answer. I guess that was the answer to his question and of course that was also the answer to my own question."

"There is no substitute for studies", he said.

"I want to meet with my old students, let them know that they can call or send an 
email: davidjowitt2003@yahoo.com 
Phone: 08065435811"

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