Open Letter to His Excellency Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, In Commemoration of the Children’s Day Celebration

Open Letter to His Excellency Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, In Commemoration of the Children’s Day Celebration

By, Onwordi Ngozi Fortune

Dear Sir,

I wish to use this medium to acknowledge the genuine efforts of your administration in trying to restore the glory of Delta State especially in the aspect of Infrastructural development and youth empowerment initiative. I also want to use this medium to thank you for the ongoing renovation of the Stephen Keshi Stadium as well as the ongoing erosion control projects in Asaba the State Capital. You have proven to all that leadership can be all inclusive and devoid of ethic loyalty.

However, I wish to draw your attention to the declining level of education in Delta State worsened by the poor welfare and training of teachers in the education sector. The state education sector has witnessed what can best be described as setback since you assumed office. You can agree with me that with the level of emphasis placed on education globally, it is high time developing Nations such as Nigeria, started promoting free and compulsory primary and secondary education. Education is important to all but most crucial of them is basic and secondary education. I must not also fail to commend your efforts in upgrading the infrastructure of schools across the state, but I advise that you put all necessary measures in place to ensure that senior citizens of the state are paid their entitlements in full, since there is no social welfare package for the elderly.

According to Christine Gregoire, education is the fountain upon which we build our future. In the renaissance period, Europe attached great importance to education and as a result Europe flourished and is now the most developed part of the world. John Dewey in one of his famous quotes describes education as not being the preparation for life but as life itself. I agree with him in totality and if education is life, it should not only be the exclusive preserve of the elites. Every child deserves free, compulsory and quality education.

Also, your administration has failed to improve the educational needs of the Delta child. The giant strides of Dr. Veronica Ogbuagu as commissioner of education in Delta State and the free education program of the Chief James Ibori government courted global attention. Similarly, the previous administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan had a package for free WAEC registration for public secondary schools in the state which your government has discontinued. Sir, your government has failed to promote education, welfare and training of teachers to improve their output. We should learn to stop limiting our children to what we know, since they were born in a different age, the age driven by technology. Although, the this administration has adopted a slogan of “ego aria” (there’s no money) to excuse her non performance in key sectors but there is no prize too much to pay for the education of the Delta Child.

According to Aristotle, the roots of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet. We appeal to you Sir to initiate a Free and Compulsory Education programme for all Deltans. This will be followed by revamping of educational facilities across the state to expose our children to modern educational tools and equipment. A partnership should be set up between the primary and secondary school teachers by State Ministry of Education institutions to enhance the exchange of skills and personnel.

In conclusion, we passionately appeal to your government to provide affordable housing and accommodation for teachers, especially those in the urban areas. This will help to improve their livelihood and performance. I believe that if all these recommendations are adhered, Delta State will soon witness more innovative development than the Silicon Valley.


Yours faithfully,
Onwordi, Ngozi Fortune
(Founder, Arise-Africa. Events Coordinator, Explore Africa Foundation,
Amadi Ama Layout, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt)

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