When An Enuani Person Banteringly Says "anụkwa'm gwa!"

The Enuani people predominantly in Delta State are among the most intelligent, conservative and enterprising people in the world. They are full of sages and even the few who are not as wise have learnt to conceal their lack of wisdom in deep rooted silence. These few individuals are among the most attentive in conversation and are very stingy to render an opinion. Various Enuani speaking communities have different approaches characteristic to them.

For instance, the Okpanam people are culturally and politically active, brave and indomitable. Their bravery is epitomized by Major. Chukwuma Nzeogwu.

The Ogwashi people are ingenious and known to be extroverted, charismatic and fluent in speech. The various revelations about the previous administration was fluently exposed by Prof. Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala an Ogwashi woman.

The Ubulu people cherish so much the culture of action driven diplomacy, hospitality, valour, administration and silence, only lending their opinion with wisdom whenever it is sought. Their nature has led to Ubulu people heading various government agencies and private companies worldwide. It was an Ubulu woman Barr. Ndidi Edewor, that dared to contest the governorship of Bendel State. Others like Emmanuel Okafor, Mike Ejiofor, Andy Isichei and Emmanuel Chiejine have headed ICAN, DSS, Nigerian Shipping Authority, Total E&P and Access Bank respectively.

The Ezechime communities are a unique blend of diplomatic, soft spoken, hardworking, enterprising and peaceful people. The global impact of TEF (Tony Elumelu Foundation) is a testament to how enterprising they are.

The Igbuzors and Asaba people, are smart, politically viable and very democratic. The Asaba people reserve the honour of having one of the most enlightened monarch in the world today, Obi Professor Chike Edozien while the Igbuzor community has presented more than two presidential candidates in Nigeria. Prof. Pat Utomi through the Lagos Business school has raised global entrepreneurs who run business empires all around the world.

Aside from the beautiful Enuani language, intercultural relationship and enviable arable landscape, there are more things that unite the Enuani people than you may have noticed.

One of the little things that unite us is in our conversation skills. An Enuani person understands human relation to the letter and does not easily utter words that hurt, even when provoked. This is so because it is believed by the people that "ọnyá nasia apa adị ana" (when a wound heals the scars remain).

Also, they believe strongly that "Okwuni ga zọ, ma né oye we gwa g'eloshe" (the abuser may forget, but the abused will remember every word).
So, once in a year, the Ine festival (like a purge through opprobrium) is organised to allow people speak their mind.

However, in day to day life, such things as "njakili" (raillery) is used.
In case of serious quarrels, the Enuani people usually exchange badinage until a point of great anger when one will warn, "Ekwekwe'm gwa!"(don't allow me to tell you).
At that point, if dared, verbal venom may be vituperated and more often than not, this leads the "sayer" to either before the kindred elders, or the kings Palace.

To be continued...