A President and His Array of Incompetent Media Team

Nigerians have had a good laugh in the past decade. Who knows? Maybe because we laugh through the pain we have been able to survive the disasters that happen to us every four years in the name of leadership and continue existing as a nation.

In the previous administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, we heard such phrases as "oga at the top", "my fellow widows" and many other grammatical blunders from public office holders.

With the current administration of President Buhari, the trend has worsened. We have now heard assertions like "skeleton in the cupboard", "United States of Nigeria", "transmission transmission", etc.

However, all that is not the aim of this write up. This article seeks to understand why an entire media team of President Muhammadu Buhari failed to know that the second republic started in October 1st 1979 and not October 21st 1979 as contained in the memo issued to announce the Conferment of GCFR, and GCON to M.K.O., GANI and Gana. When Femi Adesina posted the photo, he tagged it #masterstroke.

Sadly, the document was signed by President Buhari who toppled Shagari on 31st of December 1983.
When shall competence replace Nepotism and party loyalty in Nigeria or is Nepotism not a form of corruption?

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