Discover The Amazing Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

The castor oil tree is represented as one of the most medically important plants in Africa. The plant which grows as a shrub produces a dry capsule of seeds that disperse by explosive mechanism.
The usually spotted seeds are enclosed in a kernel of hard shell which can be removed manually by breaking, to reveal the white seed. After separation from the seed coats, the seeds can be processed by warm water extraction method to give the crude oil extract.

The seeds can also be mashed to pulp, fermented and utilized in the production of the highly medicinal aromatic spice called "Ogili ịsị" by the Igbos. It widely used as seasoning for cooking delicious soups.

Also, it is reputed to cure myriads of gastrointestinal infections; Prepare "ọgwụ alọ" for pregnant women, repair skin and damaged tissues, mend breakage in human hair and regulate blood pressure,  etc.

However, further researches by health professionals have discovered many more exotic uses of the extracts from the tree. So, if it is to be utilized as a condiment for cooking, it should be allowed to properly ferment.

Fermentation processes have shown to reduce some antinutrients contents in plants.
Ladies, if you are looking to grow your hair without breakage, you may have need to prepare the castor oil.

By Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

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