Ụmụ Ashama To Install 92year Old Odibeli Adaeke Comfort As Ada Ụmụ Ekelie

The Ụmụ Ashama of Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area, Delta State will on Saturday June 30 install Mrs. Odibeli Adaeke Comfort as Ada. The position which places her as the leader of all the womenfolk born into or married from the various kindred where the descendants of Ekelie (younger brother of Ezemu, the progenitor of Ubulu-Uku kingdom) are found.

Adaeke was born into the family of Oteka Emordi of family Agbonta Idumu Ashama, a sub kindred in Agbonta Ụmụ Ọzọma of Ubulu-Uku. She is married to Odibeli family of Idumu-Okoh Nwa Osu, of Ogbe-Etiti quarters in Ubulu-Uku Kingdom.

The Ada Ụmụ Ekelie of Ashama as an administrative set up serves as agent of social control among the descendants of Ekelie in Idumu Ogwugwu (Onije quarters), Idumu Ashama (Agbonta Udogwu), Ụmụ Ashama of Idumu Ụwabọ, (Abụedo quarters) and Idumu Ashama (Agbonta Ụmụ Ọzọma) all in Ubulu-Uku Kingdom.

The traditional symbol of justice and authority known as "ọfọ" will be taken to her family on that day.

Ụmụ Ashama Wishes Mamma A peaceful reign.

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