Broken Promises: Another Propaganda?

The lack of strict observance of electoral campaign promises by politicians in Nigeria has ensured that most of such public office holders struggle to gain the trust and respect of their electorates and supporters.

In most cases, the said broken promises were either never made or related to obfuscations uttered during electioneering campaign. In some cases, the electorate are guilty of expecting too much from the political class whose roles they cannot differentiate.

For instance, by joining a campaign train, most of the electorates presume that there will be a huge reward either financially or otherwise. Dangerously, they carry on such hopes without any sort of understanding reached with the politician. Naturally, many of such hopes are dashed since the politician is unaware. Such electorate goes home disgruntled and spreads propaganda about the politician.

One of the solutions to this is for communities or persons to demand for campaign manifestoes and know how it'll favour the communities and themselves. Also, followers of any politician should state clearly his/her interest.

In my opinion, there's no greater motivation to support a public office holder than the proven track records and manifestoes highlighting their future agenda. Unpublished studies have shown that most of the so-called 'unkept promises' were never made in the first place.

A politician during election has thousands of people supporting and campaigning for him/her, how many of these people can he/she buy cars for or employ directly?

I think it is better to support a political ideology first without the thoughts of personal aggrandizement then other good things will follow.

On the other hand, if politicians boldly make promises, the onus lies on them to fulfill such promises as it will promote their reliability and integrity.

Do you know any of such unkept promises by public office holders in your Community, L.G.A., State or Country?

Please share with us. Let's hold them by their word.

By Onwordi Ngozi Fortune

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