Five Reasons Why The 2018 Ubulu-Uku Ine Festival Didn't Disappoint.

The 2018 Ubulu-Uku Ine Festival which  was celebrated yesterday September 26, has raised  the bar and set new standards as long as Ine is concerned in Ubulu and other Igbo speaking parts of Delta State.
In-spites-of the three year ban reportedly imposed on all the traditional festivals by the council of chiefs in the Ezemu community, indigenes and inhabitants of the community celebrated the festival with pomp and pageantry.
We have critically examined the factors that made this year's celebration remarkable.

1. The Night Factor

Yes! Ine was banned and a memo was circulated round all the quarters in Ubulu-U.ku instructing that anyone found violating the ban risks being arrested.
So, as wisdom demands, "mkpucha abune ujor" (caution is not fear), the dancers shunned the daylight and did it in the beauty of darkness. Even on the D-day of the festival, the crowd grew thicker as the night grew older.

Day 2 of Ine-uchichi

2. Early Preparation

The success recorded in this year's festival can largely be attributed to early preparation. The Ine rehearsal (Ine Uchichi) started as timely as  Sunday September 23 to Tuesday September 25 and lasted between 10p.m to 2a.m. With such enthusiasm and regular practice the climax is inevitably earthshaking.
Ogbe/Alumu unity group.

Udo Born Oluchukwu and his pseudo-girlfriend. 

3. Rivalry Factor

On the first day of Ine Uchichi (rehearsal) the Ogbe people inspired by a tiny group of about 20 youths began a vigorous preparatory dance at the Eke market junction and the sound woke up the drums of the ever ready Alumu people.
On the second day, both groups met and showcased their drumming, singing and dancing skills at the Issele-Uku junction.
The rivalry, spurred the spirit.

4. Celebrity Factor

This factor is largely the reason for the success of this year's Ine Festival. Our sources reported that not one dance group was spotted on the road till 4p.m with spectators stranded waiting painstakingly for the action to begin. The rumour that security agents in mufti had filtered into the town to arrest anybody dancing Ine had created fear.
 However, the day brightened when DJ Masha alongside MC Solo, stormed Afia Nkwo with his unforgiving speakers and woke up the town.
Then, the Ine dancers started coming out in groups.
Later, Ubulu-Uku born celebrities took turns to  thrill the mammoth crowd that now gathered at the location along Ubulu-Uku/Ogwashi-Uku road.
Musical artists present at the event are: Beeverlingz the Ubulu Malisia Master was on ground, Eboka and  Sammik Global Band, invited acts from Anambra,  etc

L-R: Eboka,  MC Solo, Beeverlinzs, DJ Masha...

5. Gang Factor

Although this is a negative factor that should be checked, gangs of cult groups may have filtered into the town.
The groups in the same gang danced together and would occasionally drop some notable secret fraternity jargon such as "who goes you? Whither you!" etc. The possession of dangerous weapons during the festival if married with cultism will only end in inter-gang rivalry violence.
Although, no serious case of violence was recorded but if not checked, the trend could degenerate and pose threat to future Ine Festivals.

Udo born Nonso in his 'Ukoni" (kitchen) costume. 

Male dressed as a female. 

Summarily, the 2018 Ine Festival was a very big success and has given way for preparation for the Iwu festival which as Usual is fixed in the unbreakable Ubulu-Uku calendar.
We wish all sons and daughters of Ubulu-Uku kingdom akinne ashoine!

By: Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

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