After the nuptial flight (akwu nasia) which usually happens in the middle of every rainy season, the female virgin termite goes on a lifetime honeymoon with her chosen partner. She is quick to get rid of her wings faster than a bride would discard her wedding gown for her very first conjugal. The queen termite burrows into a tunnel with the male where they establish a colony and erect a termitarium (anthill) to house their progeny and ensure the continuity of the specie. 
Together with love, the king and queen build a home more safe and secure than most presidential villas in the world and live in it, raising one of the most organised armies known among social insects and the entire class insecta of arthropods. 
The queen termite lays an average of one egg every 15secs for over 15years in her capsule home hidden in the deepest part of an anthill where she raises the population that nourishes the family of social insects and is forever worshiped and cared for by its children and grandchildren in a way that shocks every entomologist. 
Finally, when her life of slavery and sacrifice comes to an end, she is surrounded by loving husband and the whole children who would lick and pamper her to death. Such love from the insects? 
On mothers day eve, termites all around the world gather together in their local church with candles in their sight to celebrate the life of this great matriarch, counselor, and Queen for her sacrificial life.

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