As The Paragon of Anioma Culture Celebrates.

For some, October 19 is just like every other day but for the Anioma people of Delta State, the day marks the birthday anniversary celebration of one of her most iconic cultural figures and head of the ancient Omu traditional institution.
Dr. Martha Dunkwu, Omu Anioma became Omu of Okpanam on January 26, 2002 after she was crowned by HRH Obi Okonji Okeze. Later, in January 2010, she was installed as the Omu of Anioma by mutual consent of some other Omus and traditional rulers in Anioma. The crown was presented to her by HRM Obi Kikachukwu Afamefune of Ubulu-Unor.
The highly educated female ruler studied at LTC College of English and Secretarial Studies, London. She further attended South West London College, London, Henderson State University, Arkansas, USA and University of Nevada,USA.

She currently holds a Doctor of Science Degree (D.Sc.) award from Columbus International University, Virgin Island UK.
The Okpanam born Omu is a known cultural advocates and has delivered numerous seminars, workshop and lectures to promote the uniqueness and identity of the Anioma people and Africa in general.
Omu, a term derived from inflorescence of a palm, the symbol of purity and Palm tree as the symbol of female, she is a female version of Obi (King) the African Traditional Political System. In the region which is presently campaigning to be recognized an ethnic nationality, every community has an Omu whose function may cut across the following areas: the market, economic activities and price regulation, agents of female social control, Spiritual leader, etc...

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