How I Was Attacked By Gunmen_ Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

I grew up in Ubulu-Uku,one of the most peaceful communities in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.
The least thing I ever fathomed is that one day I will be attacked by armed gunmen at the heart of thesame town.
It is heartbreaking to painfully realize that we have lost grip of our community to cultists who perpetuate their evil deeds with brazen impunity.
I posted recently about the case of a teenager, whose decaying corpse was found in a well.
Police investigations indicate that the deceased may have been murdered before he was dumped in the pit.
So, a full scale investigation was launched into the matter.
Another person who claims to have escaped the mayhem that claimed the life of the deceased has reportedly fingered other suspected culprits with some already already in custody at the divisional police headquarters at Ogwashi-Uku, where they are assisting with the inquiry into the murder case.
Yesterday, Tuesday October 2, at about 1p.m, a gang of suspected rival cult members riding on motorbikes stormed my family compound at no. 2, Maduaka Avenue Str.
They explained that they are looking for a youngman who they refer as "owo" and I told them that I have never heard the name.
In the heat of my verbal exchange with them as I sought to know their identity, a couple of them drew guns and fired into the air.

Unkown to them I had made a video recording of them.
So, about 30mins after they left my neighbours from a few blocks came to also complain that the same group had attacked their compound where they scaled through the fence and robbed the occupants of their valuables including cash and mobile phones.
So, I decided to update the post titled "security alert" where I shared a video recording of them invading my family compound.
Also, I called the UYDC secretary and informed him of the development. It was in company of him, the UYDC President and Others that we went to the Force headquarters zone 5 Asaba to register the murder case on Sunday.
When he returned the call, he told me that he just called the Vigilante Chief, who debunked the the news as false.
So, I asked him to check my Facebook post And verify the story.
"Why will you upload such thing on Facebook? Why not just call me First?" he asked.

"Why won't I do so? People threatened my life openly with gunshots and you want me to keep it secret?" I replied.

"Okay, please go and see Jamico to verify the story," he concluded.

So, I went to see the security Chief.
Upon getting to his house, I was shocked to meet the armed bandits that attacked my house there.

"I just got news that some people are harassing people downtown. Akalaka called to inform me that a certain Onwordi Ngozi Fortune posted it on social media, I am waiting to see that Onwordi," he said.

"I am the Onwordi you are waiting to see and I am shocked to meet thesame gunmen who attacked my house in your house. Please, is it you who sent them round the town? If yes, Please in what capacity did you send them, as vigilante, police or UYDC?" I queried.

" This one sitting before me was part of the gunmen, I pointed out."

"Don't points at me! " he barked.
"We didn't kill anybody in your house and we didn't torch your house, perhaps If we had done so you can speak" He added.

Another heated verbal argument ensued between me and them until the security Chief called for calm.

"The boys are aggrieved siblings and friends of the deceased. The police released a list of the killers to them and they are assisting the police in making arrests. Maybe, they made a mistake but I have cautioned them to stop And allow police To do their Job with the one they have already arrested," he explained.
"Please, for give them," he concluded.

"But you should not have posted a video of them. You are not portraying the image of the community in good light," he advised.

"Good light? Is concealing evil not evil?" I quipped.

Later, he showed me a newspaper publication that the festival was suspended by the Ubulu-Uku Council of Chief for a 3year period which will elapse this year.
I left his house after exchanging contacts with him but I got a call from Mr. Akalaka who called to know how the mater was resolved.

"Fortune, I am in Ubulu-Uku now. Please, can we see?"
I was almost at the gate of my house so I told him I needed to drop what i had in my hands.
So, I returned to Issele-Uku junction at about 4p.m to meet Mr. Akalaka and upon reaching there, I saw him in company of thesame gangsters.
He crossed over to meet me and we were discussing when the boys numbering up to 30 with planks and fists descended on me and started beating me up in the middle of the town..
I escaped from them in pains and returned to my house as my wristwatch, footwear, etc were lost.

I called my family to inform them of the attack it was suspected that Akalaka lured me out. He came to the house about 30mins later with my footwear and broken wristwatch.
He explained that he is innocent of what we suspect he did.
Again, we returned to meet Mr. Jamico but this time we met his absence.
"Don't take this matter to the police, remember the pains also of the woman who lost a Child in this," he pleaded.
I also spoke with Mr. Enyi the UYDC President before I proceeded to table the matter before the police.
I was informed at the Ubulu-Uku police post that the matter should be transferred to Ogwashi-Uku.
As at the time of filing this report, the assailants whose names and identity have been given to the police are all at large and will soon be apprehended.

The involvement of police officers in the PDP primaries made it impossible to muster the manpower to engage the hoodlums.
Aside from some excruciating back pains, Onwordi Ngozi Fortune is safe and in good condition.
I urge everyone to remain calm as the culprits will all be brought to book.

_Onwordi Ngozi Fortune

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