My Expectations From Chief Joe Utomi_ Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

As the people of Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State celebrate the appointment of their foremost L.G.A. boss in this present political dispensation, it is important too that we join to extol the loyalty of the appointee whose nomination was duly merited.
It is also essential to critically consider the likely expectations of the people from the newly appointed Commissioner for Agriculture.
The Ubulu-Uku born political political leader who was appointed by the Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa was sworn in today November 14, as replacement for Hon. Austin Chikezie who resigned to vie for the state Assembly position.
Although, Chief Utomi is assuming the position less than 1yr to the end of the first term of the administration but Ubulu-Uku people will be grateful as this is the first time the town will be honoured to have a Commissioner.
In his time as the L.G.A. Chief Utomi can be judged to have performed relatively creditably.
Firstly, I will like Chief Utomi to carefully study the agreement between Ubulu-Uku and SIO/Delta State Government that saw the leasing out of Oil Palm Company (OPC) out. The proceeds of such lease has not been judiciously utilized to the benefit of the community as no one has either gained scholarship or any human development skill from the proceeds.
The present state of the company which was one of the largest Oil palm companies in the old Bendel state is not yielding any revenue to compare with its counterparts such as ADA Palm in Imo State, etc.
Regrettably, SIO as a company engaged in massive destruction of the plantation and utilizing the palms for ethanol production.
The ugly trend Which continued unchecked from 2004 persisted till the a large expanse of the land is now desolate and rented out to Ubulu-Uku indigene for farming.
As is seen in Nsukwa clan, Akwukwu-Igbo, Owa, etc, we urge you to influence the State into replanting of the destroyed parts of the plantation.
We also expect a renegotiation or abolishment of the lease document as it is about to expire.
If possible, ensure that the community is carried along in the drafting of such MOU's that has enslaved Ubulu-Uku for over 3 decades now.

Secondly, I expect from the Hon. Commissioner to facilitate the full utilization of the Cassava and Palm Oil Processing plants built by Honourable Mrakpor in different parts of Aniocha Oshimili Federal Constituency, especially the one in Ubulu-Uku.
Sir, I cannot totally explain here the inherent hazards that accompany manual Processing of Cassava, as the emission of a poisonous gas called cyanide during Cassava frying and the heat exposure account for some diseases among Deltans.

Thirdly, I will suggest that you use your rare wisdom to harmonise and galvanise the political interests of Ubulu-Uku and Aniocha South Local Government in general.

In conclusion, I believe this ministry is the most important now for Ubulu and Aniocha South is we can achieve the objectives I earlier stated.
There are many other expectations but as time is very limited, we will continue to support you in prayers and every other means to ensure that you succeed in this onerous task.
Congratulations! Sir.

By: Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

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