Ubulu-Uku Annual Football League: List Of All The Winners Since 1992.

It has been over 50yrs of undiluted football bliss in Ubulu-Uku. Ubulu-Uku Football League has produced and exported exceptional talents who excelled in their various clubs and ended up as coaches at home and in diaspora.
Some of such legendary players include: Pele Ayogbe, Patrick Nwafor Emordi, Torture (late), Kosoko Dibiagwu, Peter Ijeh, Onwochei Obubutana, Monday Odiaka, Peter Oriki, Ofiaju, etc...

From street to street soccer to Jet Bombers FC; to Surprisers FC and finally to Ubulu-Uku Annual Football League, the Ubulu-Uku Annual football fiesta has never failed to deliver the unmatched excitement that makes football the most adored sports activity in Ubulu-Uku Kingdom.
Working with the UFA we have compiled a list of all the winners of the highly coveted trophy from the league era (1992 to 2017).
Here is a list of all the winners.

Ogbeani FC (1992 🏆Winners)

Akwụ FC (1996 🏆Winners)

Agbọnta FC (1997 🏆Winners)

Agbọnta FC (1998 🏆Winners)

Akwụ/Ugbaa FC (1999 🏆Winners)

Akwụ/Ugbaa FC (2000 🏆Winners)

Onitcha-Ukwu FC (2001 🏆Winners)

Onitcha-Ukwu (2002 🏆Winners)

Idumu-Osume FC (2003 🏆Winners)

Akwụ FC (2004 🏆Winners)

Akwụ FC (2005 🏆Winners)

Udo FC (2006 🏆Winners)

Agbọnta FC (2007 🏆Winners)

Isho FC (2008 🏆Winners)

Udo FC (2009 🏆Winners)

Agbọnta FC (2010 🏆Winners)

Agbọnta FC (2011 🏆 Winners)

Abuedo FC (2012 🏆 Winners)

Ogbego FC (2013 🏆 Winners)

Idumu-Osume FC (2014 🏆 Winners)

Abuedo FC (2015 🏆 Winners)

Agbọnta FC (2016 🏆 Winners)

Ugbaa FC (2017 🏆 Winners)

Who will be the 2018 champions?

The competition didn't hold from 1993-1995.
We are still working towards compiling the list of winners in the pre-league era.

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