How Felix Tshisekedi Will Fix DR Congo.

Yesterday was a historic day in Democratic Republic of Congo as Felix Tshisekedi was inaugurated as President amidst high hopes are renewed optimism.
President Felix Tshisekedi is taking over from Joseph Kabila in the first peaceful transfer of power in the country for nearly 60 years.

From his Campaign, here are things to expect from the DR Congo's new leader?
He promised to fight corruption; enhance security and promote development.
He decried that most DR Congo citizens live on an average of $1.25/day and promised to improve on it.

However, many groups still dispute his victory in December's presidential election.
Several sources are of the opinion that his opponent Martin Faylulu won a landslide victory and has been shortchanged by a backroom secret deal between the outgoing President Mr Kabila and the incoming Mr Tshisekedi.

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