Real Reasons Why Aniocha South Political Bigwigs Shut The Door Against Hon. Angela Nwaka's Reelection Bid.

It is no longer news that after losing the Delta State PDP House of Assembly primaries to Nsukwa Clan projected candidate Hon. Chikezie Austin, the incumbent Hon. Angela Nwaka has defected to the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). She has since maintained her struggle to complete her second tenure without the PDP.
In spites of the clamour by some quarters to allow the lawmaker complete her 8yrs, the voices are continually greeted by stiff opposition both by the political elites and the unsatisfied electorates.
Here are the reasons why the Hon. Nwaka's candidacy has failed to fly.

Firstly, the Delta State PDP zoning arrangement ensures equitable rotation of power at the gubernatorial position and the Local Government Council level.
According to a party leader from Hon. Angela Nwaka's hometown, the first attempt to zone the Aniocha South Constituency position was initiated in 2013 at Chief Tony Nwaka's house but the party leaders could not reach any agreement until another meeting was convened to discuss thesame subject in 2017.

In 2017, Chief Tony Nwaka, Newton Izediunor, Hon. Pascal Adigwe, Chief Isaac Anwuzia, Hon. Angela Nwaka and other prominent Aniocha South PDP stalwarts were present at the meeting held at former Minister for Agriculture, Chief Chris Agbobu's house to finalize the zoning arrangement.
The source also confirmed that open voting system was adopted to determine if the arrangement would be accepted or thrown out.
The matter was discussed and put into open vote and over 80% of the Ogwashi-Uku born PDP bigwigs voted in favour of zoning the seat to Nsukwa Clan.
Subsequently, the result was documented in the presence of Hon. Nwaka and other notable Ogwashi-Uku PDP leaders. When she later came out to contest for the seat, it was already obvious that she would lose to Nsukwa Clan where the seat has been zoned to.
Since returning to democracy in 1999, the PDP has zoned the governorship position thus: Delta Central 8years in office under Chief James Onanefe Ibori; Delta South 8years in office under Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan and Delta North is currently clamouring to complete her 8yrs under Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.
The three clans in Aniocha South Local Government Area are as follows: Ogwashi Clan, Ubulu Clan and Nsukwa Clan.
Ogwashi Clan has spent a total of 12years already in office at the State Assembly (Hon. Anderson Mekoma 8yrs., and Hon. Angela Nwaka 4yrs).
Ubulu clan has done her 8yrs. in office under the phenomenal Hon. Evang. (Mrs.) Joan Onyemaechi Mrakpor.

Nsukwa Clan has done zero years prompting massive support for Nsukwa Clan candidacy by all well meaning Aniocha South politicians and the electorate against the greedy quest of Ogwashi-Uku clan for a 16year stay in office.

Secondly, The abysmal performance of Hon. Nwaka in the past 4yrs awakens nothing but resentment and the PDP did themselves a huge favour by not granting her the ticket ahead of the 2019 general elections.

After a keenly contested primaries that had four Nsukwa Clan aspirants with two later contesting for the ticket, Hon. Chikezie emerged as PDP candidate from Nsukwa Clan.

Contrary to the opinions expressed by disgruntled elements in the party that Hon. Chikezie Austin was imposed on Nsukwa Clan, investigations into the matter reveal that it is a misrepresentation of facts to say that Hon. Chikezie was imposed on Nsukwa Clan.

When this post was zoned to Nsukwa in 2015, six persons from Nsukwa Clan contested for the PDP State Assembly primaries.

1. Hon. Austine Chikezie
2. Barr. Osenyeli Chukwuma (Former MBA Chairman).
3. Hon. Jeff Okofu
4. Chief Nak Igbabi
5. Barr. Asim
6. A certain Mr. Madrid who came in from Dubai.

In 2018, these credible candidates again either indicated interest or contested in the PDP party primaries.
1. Hon. Austine Chikezie
2. Chief Nak Igbabi
3. Collins Iwebenua
4. Mr. Madrid

Mr. Madrid would defect to another party, while Chief Nak stepped down leaving Mr. Collins and Hon. Chikezie to slug it out.

How then was Hon. Chikezie Austine's candidacy imposed on Nsukwa Clan?

It will be recalled that in the 20114/15 primaries, Barr Chukwuma Osenyeli came second to Hon. Angela Nwaka in that very election that was conducted with Paper and bucket by Chief Anwuzia.
So, how did Hon. Chikezie's emergence qualify as imposition when he won more votes in an election that had 3 other candidates from his clan participating?
Is this because of his humble disposition that makes you regard him as an "Ubulu Clan Stooge?

In politics, maintaining a humble disposition to obtain goodwill should not be misjudged as being a stooge. Being humble, being a bag or briefcase carrier, or being associated with a personality are not new phenomena in politics. You cannot become a commander until you have learnt to take command.

The former minister Chief Chris Agbobu before he became a minister was associated with carrying a briefcase for Chief Tony Aninieh.
Similarly, Chief Tony Nwaka was associated with being called an apron boy for former Gov. Uduaghan.
Also, Hon. Nwaka after she was brought in by Hon. Mrakpor improved her profile by associating with the Uduaghans.
Hon. Mrakpor has been associated with the Okowas.

Lastly, even our amiable governor is acclaimed by former governor Chief James Ibori to be a humble and loyal personality to him.

In Nigeria politics, former governor Babatunde Fashola and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo were seen as Bola Ahmed Tinubu boys but today they are occupying the posts of Minister and Vice President respectively.

In advanced democratic states such as the USA, President Bill Clinton campaigned for his choice candidate Barack Obama based on the relationship they enjoyed. In order to reciprocate the gesture, President Obama campaigned vigorously and made efforts to hand over to Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

So, if Hon. Chikezie, not being ungrateful to Hon. Joan Onyemaechi Mrakpor and Ubulu-Uku people qualifies him to be labelled a stooge by some ignorant fellows, so be it!

As the state governor His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has instructed all party members to deliver 100% votes in all units for all PDP candidates added to the growing massive grassroot support that Hon. Chikezie enjoys across the constituency, he is highly favoured to become the first Delta State House of Assembly member from Nsukwa Clan.
His victory will surely ensure that equity and justice is restored to Aniocha South PDP.

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