Why Ubulu Will Never Forget Gov. Okowa.

The ancient kingdom of Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area is a town blessed with enormous natural and human resources. As an ancient political powerhouse and as one of the leading economic hubs of the old Bendel State through her large expanse of palm plantation; making of native attires and large scale production of agricultural products, Ubulu-Uku requires no introduction among her contemporaries especially in Delta North senatorial district.

Since the PDP led government assumed office in 1999, the community can point to many infrastructural and developmental Project including the following...

1. A 60 bed capacity General hospital with staff quarters, brand new Toyota hilux as utility vehicle, brand new ambulance, water treatment plant and stand by generator.
2. Renovation of Ubulu-Uku Primary Health Centre.


1. Total reconstruction of Abuedo Primary School.
2. Fencing of all Primary School buildings but Isho and Idegwu Primary schools.
3. Construction of classroom blocks at St. Anthony's Model College Ubulu-Uku and Ezemu Girls Grammar School Ubulu-Uku.

Road Construction
1. Construction of Ubulu-Uku/Issele-Uku link road.
2. Construction of Ubulu-Uku/Ubulu-Unor link Road from Eke Market junction.
3. Construction of Ogbego/Agbonta Link roads.
4. Construction of Ubulu-Uku Palace Road.

Human Capital Development.

1. Establishment of a weaving and textile Centre to promote the Ubulu-Uku traditional weaving culture. (Although, this facility is no more functional).
2. Training in Agricultural Empowerment programmes and other skills.

1. Reconstruction of the Eke market.

In the past four years of Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa's administration, the following projects have been accomplished:

1. Total reconstruction and Upgrade of Ubulu Model Primary School to Delta State Technical and Vocational Education Centre.

2. Total Renovation of Nwanoli Primary School Ubulu-Uku.

3. Construction of three classroom blocks at Idegwu Primary School.

With the above accomplishments and appointment of her son Hon. Joe Utomi as first commissioner from Ubulu-Uku, the people of Ubulu-Uku cannot be more grateful.

However, the present state of the Ubulu-Uku/Onicha Ugbo road is a dent on the good image the Roadmaster has built. To many Ubulu-Uku people, nothing matters more than that particular Project which they have cried to the state government about for about two decades.

The phase one of this particular road project was initiated from the Onicha-Ugbo end but terminated at Knowledge Base in the same community.
For the past two decades, life has been unbearable for the residents of Onicha-Ukwu in the Ubulu-Uku end of the road.
Many homes are threatened to be swept away by the devastating gully erosion along the impassible road.
As Ubulu-Uku people have continue and are again mobilizing to vote PDP, the RoadMaster should listen to the cry of the people.
Presently, there are more than four (4) road construction projects in Ogwashi-Uku the neighbouring community of Ubulu-Uku.
The various Ubulu support groups for Gov. Okowa should help to lobby the governor to come to the rescue of Ubulu-Uku/Onicha-Ugbo roads as it has never been mentioned in any of the campaigns.
Also, the issue of public portable water supply is another need that must be presented to the state government through the L.G.A chairman or State Assembly member.
If Gov. Okowa can do these, Ubulu-Uku will never forget him.

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