Ghanian Born Kofi Kingston becomes first African to win WWE Championship.

_Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

Africa celebrates as Ghana-born wrestler, Kofi Kingston becomes the first from the continent to emerge as the World Wrestling Entertainment, (WWE) Champion.

Kingston after 11 years in WWE defeated Daniel Bryan to win the title at WrestleMania, 35 early Monday in New Jersey, USA.

Speaking after his victory, Kingston said: “It’s so emotional. Like, you work so hard to get here and sometimes you work as hard as you can and things aren’t going your way, you know? And you don’t know if the hard work is going to pay off.

“It’s paying off right now. It just feels surreal. It feels like a legitimate dream. I feel like I’m in a dream, and I don’t want to wake up.”

Bryan and Kofi took some time feeling each other out before either risked a maneuver that could backfire, but that's exactly what happened when Kofi attempted to dive on Bryan, who was outside in the ring and in front of the announcer's table. Bryan moved just in time and Kofi took the brunt of the blow. Advantage, Bryan.The champ, standing on the top rope, then delivered a knee to Kofi's head, and slowly and surely, Bryan was showing everyone why he has been head of the class on SmackDown. Soon afterward, Bryan locked in a Boston Crap, a submission move that had Kofi screaming in pain, but Kofi wouldn't tap, even as Bryan connected with one kick after another to his face.Kofi was able to turn the tide as he leaped off the top rope and onto Bryan, who was lying face first in the ring. Back and forth they went as the cadence picked up. Kofi was feeling it, and so was the crowd inside the stadium_ESPN.

He added that the best part of his victory was how much support everyone gave him, not just the fans but his contemporaries.

ARISE AFRICA reports That Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah is a Ghanaian-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, under the ring name Kofi Kingston, where he performs on the SmackDown brand and is the current WWE Champion in his first reign. He is the first African-born WWE Champion in history.
He was born August 14, 1981, in Kumasi, Ghana.

After obtaining a Bachelors Degree from Boston College in the US, Sarkodie-Mensah decided to pursue a professional wrestling career.

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