PRINCE ANENE AND OJEAH NWA OBI: Two Princes Of Compelling Force.

Written By; Onwordi Ngozi Fortune.

Obi Jeboma (also referred as Obi Ogene) ascended Ubulu-Uku throne as a regent in place of his physically challenged half brother Obi Ojukobi making him the first regent in the history of Ubulu-Uku monarchy.
Obi Ojukobi allowed his sibling to reign with the agreement that when his heir-apparent Onai comes of age he would ascend the throne but Jeboma would later decline to relinquish power to Onai and Ụmụ Ojukobi.
Jeboma's refusal to relinquish power led to crisis between the descendants of Ojukobi and Jeboma's dynasty.
Emmanuel Mordi (Ph. D) recorded that; In sum, it is reasonable
to assume that the current dynasty at Ubulu-Ukwu is at least 500 years old. Given the crisis that preceded Obi Ogene’s accession to the throne which may not have been the first of its
kind, a 15th century date could be assigned to the ruling dynasty at Ubulu-Ukwu.

The descendants of Ojukobi after the fierce kingship tussle with Jeboma accepted the Odafe title which gave Onai's descendants overakin powers to rule Alụmụ, the larger and most successful part of Ubulu-Ukwu Kingdom.
In the book Ubulu-Uku Traditional Greetings and some Core Values, Monye Jonathan (Ph. D) et al., described Ede which is the greetings that accompanies the Odafe title thus: Ede, meaning mighty that it shakes the sky.
The descendants of Ojukobi were thus referred as "Ụmụ Ede Ọgwụ" (The fighters).
Odafe assumed the position of rulership over Alụmụ and till date, no descendant of Ojukobi bows before the King of Ubulu-Uku.

Similarly, any matters involving people from Alụmụ would first be heard at Odafe's palace and referred to the Obi's palace if no resolution is reached. Descendants of Ojukobi cannot be summoned to the Obi's palace unless permitted by the Odafe.
Odafe Onia reigned and passed. His descendants Egbuneh, Ikezue Ede, Ndudi Ikezue reigned after him with Elue Ikezue presently occupying the highly revered Odafe stool.

The kingship crisis between Jeboma and Ụmụ Ojukobi heralded the rise to fame OF Prince Ojeah, who would later become famous as Ojeah Nwa Obi.

After the reign of Regent Jeboma which is calculated to have ended around the 1850's, Obi Usifo ascended the throne.
However, another kingship struggled ensued between his his the Princes Ugbomor and Anene.

History analyst Mr. Emmanuel Kant Oji noted that, Prince Anene Usifo was believed to be the elder son of Obi Usifo and heir apparent but circumstances and fate denied him the throne.

Foremost Ubulu-Uku historian Obiajụlụ Anene believe his ancestor Anene had no much support to contest the throne because his Mother hails from Ute.

Anene felt shortchanged and registered his grievances by becoming a non-conformist to the Obi's command.
In all, Anene was as much a forceful eloquent speaker and Ojeah was a fierce fighter.

Together, both men tested Ugbomor's will to keep his ancestor's 'stolen' throne, with a combined force, the two were almost as powerful the Obi.

However, thanks to the gods, the culture of primogeniture was passed on to the dynasty of Jeboma as it was with Ezemu's Dynasty.

Later, when Anene gave up his quest to become King, he uttered this famous line;"kị́ ke Obi éménị́ Anene?" (what does being a king add to Anene's life?)
He founded a new settlement called Ogbe-Ọfụ (New Quarter) very close to the palace and exerted his influenced from there up to Ute. .
He cleared a track road to link Ogbe-Ọfụ (Ubulu-Uku) to a Sister Ógbè-Ọfụ in Ute his maternal home.

When Anene and Ojeah died, Enuani people questioned the power of death to consume these POWERFUL PRINCES.

These famous mourning songs were composed during the Ukpukpe Obsequies that sent them to the afterlife .

Ani lì madụ nị́né
Ani lì Anene Ụkpaka
Ani lì mmadu nine
Ani lì ooo.

(Composed in memory of Anene).

When Ojeah died, the popular this popular song was composed for him.

Ojeah eeeee
Ojeah nwobi ooooo
Ojeah nene kede bu obu ezie
Ọ́kwụ́ adụ ugbo oooo
Ọ ga dụ ụnọ oo
Oye ọbụna nenekede bụ ọ bụ ézị́e ooo

The two descendants of Jeboma; Anene and Ojeah wielded great powers and were undoubtedly among the most powerful men among the Enuani's.

Nowadays, after over 150yrs of his passing, the unmatched gallantry of Ojeah Nwa Obi continues to spread among the Enuani people.

The nucleated settlement Idumu Ojeah Nwa Obi in Idumubo village was founded by Ojeah, son of the Jeboma (Regent of Obi Ojukobi).

To be continued.

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